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QuickBooks Enterprise

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Get advanced functionality with the ease of QuickBooks.

Designed for businesses with more complex needs, QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions offers all the features in QuickBooks Premier plus:

  • Enhanced reporting customization
  • Sophisticated inventory capabilities
  • More productivity tools
  • Expanded user controls
  • Room to grow
  • Full service support and upgrades

Strength in Numbers:

More than 85,000 companies have selected QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions. Join them and get the functionality you need for $1,000s less than comparable systems.

Get exclusive access to our team of U.S.-based QuickBooks experts who can advise you on how to use Enterprise Solutions more effectively within your business. Plus, take advantage of our free data conversion to help you get up and running quickly.

Reasons to Buy:

As the head of your company, you know the critical decisions you make daily have both short- and long-term effects on the success of your business. One of the most important calls you can make is choosing the right software to enable your business to keep moving forward. QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions enables you to:

  • Use software that’s tailored to your industry
  • Always know where your business stands
  • Control what users can do and see in QuickBooks
  • Save thousands versus comparable systems
  • Rest assured the software will scale as your business grows


5 Reasons Why QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions is the Right Solution for You

QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, designed for growing businesses, is the most powerful QuickBooks product. It has the capabilities and flexibility to meet your business' unique needs as it grows - and it could save you thousands of dollars in up-front and on-going maintenance costs versus comparable systems.

    1. Capacity, Speed, and Users to Scale With You

    • Easily scalable from 5 to 30 simultaneous users
    • Handle hundreds of thousands of inventory items, customers and vendors
    • Will support numbers as high as 99 billion
    • Run and use QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions more quickly via Windows Terminal Services
    • Built with a powerful industry standard Sybase 10 SQL database to scale with you and provide improved multi-user performance - including the ability to back up in multi-user mode

    2. Enhanced Functionality to Help Make Better Decisions

    • Advanced user permissions enable or restrict access to 115+ areas and activities
    • Apply and calculate foreign currencies automatically on transactions, such as sales orders, invoices and purchase orders
    • Download transactions from your financial institution directly into QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
    • Over 120 built-in reports and the included Intuit Statement Writer (a $150 value) to help you create professional financial statements
    • Connect multiple locations and remote workers, plus use the QuickBooks Instant Messenger to chat with remote workers and perform remote actions
    • Easily set up and process EDI transactions with TrueCommerce's EDI solution, a $795 value included free with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions
    • Advanced inventory tools to track bill of materials, different price levels, inventory items and purchase, stock and sell the same item in different units of measure
    • Track and manage your workers and their work with Intuit Field Service Management ES

    3. Flexible to Work the Way You Want

    • Customize QuickBooks reports, invoices and estimates to your needs
    • Add and track information by creating up to 30 custom fields, with new data formats and format validation.
    • Edit quantity and item assembly components, and print with the click of a button
    • Retrieve your QuickBooks data with ODBC compliant applications such as Microsoft Access and Excel to see data just the way you want - build custom reports, link your various business applications and build custom queries or tools
    • The flexibility to use Linux as your database server operating system

    4. Expandable and Customizable to Your Exact Needs

    • A comprehensive selection of optional tools and applications to meet almost any business or accounting need - add exactly the capabilities your company needs, and no more
    • Expand your capabilities with included EDI integration by TrueCommerce, CRM, manufacturing, and many other key areas with QuickBooks-compatible software solutions
    • Comes with free license of each of our applications which are designed applications designed to help you streamline your key tasks around Field Service Management and Warehouse Management
    • 3rd party developers can even create custom design applications that work with QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions

    5. Fraction of the Cost of Competitive Multi-user Systems

    • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions costs as low as $4,000 for a 10-user license - competitive multi-user systems can cost $20,000- $40,000
    • Includes the Full Service Plan with unlimited technical support, free product upgrades, free data recovery services, and up to 10 GB of online back-up

What's New in QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 14.0

    Job Costing

    Track reps by job and use customizable purchase forms to view expenses by rep. Filter reports by job status and run Work-in-Progress and Committed Costs reports.


    Build all subassemblies automatically with a final build, instead of entering them individual. See where-used information for assembly components and subassemblies.

    Improved Auto POs

    No more worrying about minimum or maximum stock levels. Just specify the inventory quantities you want to reorder, and QuickBooks automatically puts those quantities into POs.

    Email Enhancements

    Include multiple attachments in QuickBooks transaction emails. See previous conversations in the email history list, and use customizable, auto-populating email templates for reliable communication.

    Income Tracker

    Get an end to end view of all income related transactions all in one place with the new Income Tracker. Get real time data; no reports to run or data to gather. Take immediate action on transactions to get paid. Batch print or email transactions directly from the Income Tracker list and filter by transaction or customer.

    Bank Feeds

    Input expense transactions quickly and easily, seeing transactions from multiple banks and accounts in one place. QuickBooks learns your common categorization so you don’t have to rekey them next time.

    Client/Accountant Collaboration

    Communicate with your accountant right inside QuickBooks. Conversations are tied to the transactions to which they refer for easy tracking.

    New! Advanced Pricing Add-On

    Advanced Pricing Core Features Create thousands of advanced price rules based on any combination of customers, items, vendors, and more. Manage these rules with great flexibility, and change which rules apply at transaction time.

    View Rule Editor Use drop-down menus to set conditions for price rules.

    Quantity Discounts Add discounts based on quantities you set.

    Manufacturer Markdowns Set conditions and date ranges for manufacturer-specific markdowns.

    Scheduled promotions with future start dates Set start and end dates in the future to save time and hassle.

    Price Changes by class Set price rules based on class.

    Edit Price Rules Easily change price rules to fit your needs.

    Mark Rules as Exclusive Check the box to prevent one price rule from combining with any others

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